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How to Fix Stagnant Energy in Your Space

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Good Luck Charms… How do you find them?

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Loving Light — the nourishing light that is physical and within. Our home and beauty products are made with simple and nourishing ingredients that invigorate the senses. Each of our products are charged with a cleansed crystal — delivering Loving Light to you and your home!

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Home & Beauty

Loving Light Designs is a way of life.  With Feng Shui principles for the home and business. Allowing the energy from love and light to enhance spaces in life changing ways.  Clearing stagnant energy and adding intention to the placement of furniture. A practice easily applied to daily life.  

From the home to the body Loving Light is applied to beauty products.  Lovingly made with crystal kissed intention.  Our products are all natural with simple ingredients that feel good on the body.  A loving intention is placed on small crystals and  placed in each product.  Our goal is to feel the love and light energetically as you use each product.  The luxurious ingredients are just a bonus! 

Loving Light Designs is about clearing and rejuvenating yourself and space.  Energy is all around us. It is important to acknowledge it.  It is important to balance and nurture our personal energy and the energy around us.  Loving Light Designs is about cultivating love and light through ourselves. 


Crystal kissed, Made With Intention

Simple & Natural Ingredients

Coming Soon to the Napa & Sonoma Farmers Market!

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Feng Shui

Home & Business

Inspire your Space.

Reenergize the Natural Energy in Your Home or Business. Offering Feng Shui Consultations and Natural Home & Beauty Products.

Create welcoming environments by balancing the elements in your space. Feng Shui practices can make your spaces more desirable, pleasant, and clear, giving you and your guests a renewed energetic feeling. Get a free consultation.

Coming soon to the Napa & Sonoma Markets.

Market Market
Saturday, June 20th, 2020. First Street, Downtown Napa

Napa Farmers Market
Saturday mornings at the Oxbow parking lot 8:00a.m - 12:00 pm

Sonoma Farmers Market
Tuesday's downtown Sonoma Square

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