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Natural Home & Beauty Products

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Sunshine Lemon
-Bath Salt-

This week at the farmers market, pickup our featured bath salt, Sunshine Lemon — A unique blend of fresh lemon peel, moisturizing oils, and a blend of purifying salts. 

Loving Light — the nourishing light that is physical and within. Our home and beauty products are made with simple and nourishing ingredients that invigorate the senses. Each of our products are charged with a cleansed crystal — delivering Loving Light to you and your home!

Home & Beauty

Realize the power of loving light & simple natural ingredients. Our beauty and home products are designed around this simple principle, that light possesses an energy that unlocks and clears stagnant energy.

We make beauty products, home products, and offer interior design space (feng shui principles) to assist you in clearing and rejuvenating yourself and your spaces. Our products contain simple natural ingredients, with a specially selected crystal, in reusable jars and containers. 


Crystal kissed, Made With Intention

Simple & Natural Ingredients

Beauty Wash
Hand Sanitizer label
Beauty Butter 4oz front label
Beauty Butter 4oz front label
Hand Sanitizer label
Beauty Wash

Coming Soon to the Napa & Sonoma Farmers Market!

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Feng Shui

Home & Business

Inspire your Space.

Reenergize the Natural Energy in Your Home or Business. Offering Feng Shui Consultations and Natural Home & Beauty Products.

Create welcoming environments by balancing the elements in your space. Feng Shui practices can make your spaces more desirable, pleasant, and clear, giving you and your guests a renewed energetic feeling. Get a free consultation.

Coming soon to the Napa & Sonoma Farmer's Markets.

Napa Farmers Market
Saturday mornings at the Oxbow parking lot 8:00a.m - 12:00 pm
(Starting in May)

Sonoma Farmers Market
Tuesday's downtown Sonoma Square
(Starting May 6th)

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