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About Me

Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of California’s Napa Valley, my journey has always been deeply rooted in the healing power of nature. My childhood was spent in the lush gardens of my stepfather and grandmother, where a profound love for the earth and its gifts was planted in my heart. This early connection to nature’s rhythms and remedies has guided my path ever since, leading me to delve deeply into the world of herbalism.

With a passion for plant-based healing, I have dedicated years to expanding my herbal knowledge and training. This journey has not only enhanced my ability to craft natural skincare solutions but has also enriched my holistic approach to wellness. For over a decade, I’ve harnessed the purity and potency of botanicals, creating products that nourish the skin and soul alike.

My commitment to holistic wellness extends beyond herbalism, embracing the ancient practice of yoga. Since 2003, yoga has been a cornerstone of my personal and professional life, and in 2021, I took the step to share this passion as a yoga instructor. The transformative power of mindful movement and breath is a gift I am honored to share with others.

In addition to my work with herbs and yoga, I’ve explored the world of home design since 2000, creating spaces that balance and inspire. My expertise deepened in 2014 when I became a certified Feng Shui practitioner, further enriching my understanding of how our environments reflect and support our inner well-being.

As a proud member of the Petaluma Medicinal Herb Garden, my hands are often in the soil, tending to the plants that teach me so much about healing and growth. Whether leading a yoga class, formulating a herbal remedy, or designing a harmonious living space, I find joy in every moment spent fostering connection and balance.

Join me on this holistic journey, where the wisdom of herbalism, the practice of yoga, and the art of living in harmony with nature converge to guide us toward a balanced and vibrant life.