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When you book a consultation, we'll set up a time to walk through your space — be-it a home or business. During the walkthrough, we'll discuss areas of your space that correlate to the bagua map, while evaluating elements that are represented in your space.

Often times during these sessions clients will have 'Ah-ha moments' as the spaces will shed light into blockages and energy flowing into these areas. Clients will often leave with immediate things they can do to improve the energy flows in the spaces that are most relevant to them. 

As a follow-up, you'll receive a customized map of your space with cues and recommendations for each area. 

Typical walkthroughs can take 1.5 to 3 hours (depending on sq ft.), and may be split into multiple sessions. 

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The Bagua Map

The Bagua map is a feng shui tool that can help you become a healthier, happier, more loving, and prosperous person by placing intention into your space design. The Bagua map consists of nine areas. Each area of the map is related to the most important aspects of your life.

Money bag illustration

Wealth & Prosperity

Fame & Reputation Peacock

Fame & Reputation

Love & Marriage

circus muscle man representing health & wellness

Health & Family

Tree illustration representing the center or root of the bagua

Center /

typewriter illustration representing children and creativity

Children & Creativity

stacked books representing knowledge and self cultivation

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

bee illustration representing career and work


Telephone illustration representing helpful people and travel

Travel & Helpful People

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