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Author: Rachael Vallerga

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How to Fix Stagnant Energy in Your Space

Do you have stagnant energy? How do you know? How do you feel in your life? Your space is a direct reflection of how you feel emotionally, energetically, and physically.  Do you feel stuck? Does it feel like you can’t get past a hump? This could be the cause of stagnant energy.  When you walk into your space do you feel like you don’t want to do anything, but lay down and stare at your phone? 

Wake up your space.  To do this, start by pulling back the curtains and opening a window and letting in some fresh air.  Sounds so obvious, but this often gets overlooked.  People like their privacy and feel like keeping the curtains drawn can bring them a sense of security.  Energy likes to move around and change and shift.  Fresh air flow can really help along energy that is old or negative making a space feel heavy and lifeless.    

Tidy up.  Dust particles hold onto energy and actually coat your space with all your residual energy.  Your arguments, your good days, and bad days are all stuck on those dust particles.  A good dusting of furniture, and vacuuming of carpets can make a space feel lighter.  Often people are not ready to let go of those emotions and know subconsciously that cleaning up will bring a change they are not ready for. 

Literally bring life to a space.  A fresh plant can make a space feel so much fresher.  Not only is the air being purified by the plant, the energy is shifted from having a living thing in the space.  The same is if you get a pet.  The pet is warming the space with its love and trust to you.  Your emotions to the pet also adds to that positive energy.  If you choose to bring new life to your space, it is important to maintain it.  A plant needs to be kept healthy and the same with the pet.  A dying plant or a dirty fish bowl can bring the opposite effect and bring your space a negative unhealthy feeling.  

These changes to your space will bring an instant change to the energy in your space.  Once the stagnant energy is gone, growth can happen for you.  The change energetically will then unfold into your own personal life in a positive way.  

heart rock in sand heart rock in sand

Good Luck Charms… How do you find them?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a magic trinket that will make all our dreams come true?  What if you could make something into a magic charm? How would you know that it’s special?

Many cultures have  superstitious trinkets that are used to bring good luck, and ward off evil spirits..  Those things are very important to lots of people and bring them the magic they request.

Have you ever been somewhere and been drawn to something and you don’t know why? Sometimes you walk on the beach and you pick up a shell or stone.  You take it home and it sits on the shelf or in a box of memories.  That stone or shell called to you. Sounds crazy? Why did you pick it up? It looked pretty? It felt nice in your hand? You liked keeping a memory from where you were? Those are all echos and vibrations from the universe to you. Gifts.  

They happen everywhere if you pay attention.  You find yourself looking for the gift and realize they are everywhere!! 

What do you do once you find your treasure? Give it a bath ritual.  Stones, and shells usually have a little dirt or sand left on them and could use a rinse.  You can do this in the sink without an intention, but listen to your gut.  Does this little treasure need a cleansing bath? Do you want to start your magical process with this trinket? What is your intention for this trinket? Do you want it to look pretty on a window sill? Why not make it more?

Here’s what to do. Take a bowl you like and fill it with warm water.  Add a small teaspoon of sea salt.  Stir until dissolved.  You can stop here, or keep going.  Does that bath need a little essential oil? Lavender to bring calm? Clary Sage to bring some good energy? Palo Santo to clear away negativity? If you don’t have oils to add, place your trinket in the bath.  Using a spoon stir lightly with an intention.  Energetically cleaning your trinket with good thoughts and vibrations.  Allow your trinket to rest in the bath until the water cools, then dry the trinket on a towel.

Your magic is almost complete. This trinket was a gift to you from the universe.  It deserves a good home.  Somewhere you can appreciate it daily.  Hold your trinket in your hands.  Close your eyes and bring yourself to when you found it.  Feel it start to warm in your hands.  What is your intention for this trinket? Really think now what the warmth from your hands feels.  This comes easy to some people, but takes practice for others.  Is it as simple as happiness? Is it love? Is it prosperity? You can choose too, it’s your gift. It’s your choice what that gift is for.  Hold that intention now with your eyes closed warming the trinket.  Imagine yourself feeling the feeling of that intention as if it was now – Happening now.  

Now place that tinket where it will best serve you.  What does that mean?  Where will you see it? Where is a place you can glance at it once a day and be reminded of that intention.  Of that place you found it. The feeling you had when you found it.  Maybe a place you can pick it up sometimes and feel its smooth surface, share with others.  This is your gift. A good luck charm that is truly your own unique trinket.  

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