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We all have a goddess within. Some of us know it and wear it well. Others are still finding it. Male or Female it is there. It is the power that drives us to our dreams. It is the magic inside. Awakening the goddess is something we can do when we open our eyes in the morning, when we wash away the day’s troubles, when we stretch out on the yoga mat, when we hear our favorite song on the radio. Tune into the vibration you are meant for. Open the door to your highest self. Awaken the goddess you are destined to be.
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How to Make a Vision Board

A vision board is a creative way to manifest your desires.  It’s a visual you see everyday to help keep you on track for your goals.  Whether through intentional thought or taking physical action.  In my personal experience vision boards have never failed.  They have come true every time. 

Dandelion with wishes being blow into the wind, representing dreams, vision being set into motion

I like to use a bagua map when creating a vision board.  The energy naturally pools in 9 different places in your space anyway so why not play that up?  With those places in mind I choose my images.  There are lots of ways to search for images.  My try and true has been old magazines.  It is very time consuming, but the hunt for themes for your board adds to the intention.  In all honesty this last board was made during covid quarantine and I had no access to my favorite thrift store for old magazines.  So I used pintrest and it was easy and fast.  

I start my search with lots of general ideas I want to have happen in my life.  For my last board I chose lots of pictures of water.  For many reasons.  It can mean abundance, it can be serene, both my babies are water babies, and I love to be near it.  I dream of one day living by natural warm water I can swim in.  Everyone’s board is going to look different.  I have goals on mine that won’t be on yours.  

Once I’ve found pictures that relate to my goals and dreams I start to mock place them onto a poster board.  I like to fill the whole board. But if one picture is enough for each section then that is perfect for you.  Once you feel like your board feels right, start to glue pictures on the board. I usually wait to glue my pictures down, because I tend to move pictures around and really wait until I feel like it’s ready.   

After my vision board is complete I like to hang it in a place I will notice it every day.  I have mine hung up in my bedroom.  I spend maybe a minute or two a day looking at it and reminding myself why I chose the pictures and quotes I used on it. With the Feng Shui Bagua Map in mind for the placement of my pictures and visions.  Sometimes throughout the day I try to remember pictures and quotes that help to lift me up.  This will all help with the manifesting part of the board.  

Patience is key. As long as the vision board is relevant to your desires and feels true to who you are and want to become it all starts to fall into place.  There is so much truth in if it’s meant to be it will be, but there is also a lot of truth in if you put it out there it will happen.  Basically that is what you are doing with your board, putting it out there. Good luck to you and your journey!!

Rachael Vallerga

Rachael Vallerga

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