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What is a Bagua Map?

Bagua Map represented by images and icons

The Bagua Map is a Feng Shui tool used for 1,000s of years.  It was founded in ancient China.  It maps out energy and where it pools in a space.  Ever notice when you first move into a new space you know exactly where you wanna put your bed? your desk? your couch? We all intuitively know to some degree where things feel right.  

The Bagua Map is broken up into 9 areas.  And essentially if laid over your spaces floor plan you can see where the areas lie.

Front of Space or Front Door

The map can help you see how in your space you can change aspects of your life.  If your front door is where the career area on the map lies and you can see how it correlates with your current career situation.  And etcetera.  

Quick overview of the nine areas on the map and quick enhancement tips!!

Knowledge & Self Cultivation

  • A place for meditation should feel serene
  • A place to go and read or study
  • The colors black, blue, and green


  • A place to feel fluid. (water is the element in this space)
  • A water feature, or pictures of a moving source of water.
  • The color black, or dark color pallet.

Helpful People & Travel

  • A place to keep your phone with the intention to make good connections.
  • Travel books of places you wish to visit, or pictures depicting travel destinations.
  • A place to keep your prayers and intentions.
  • The colors white, grey, and black.

Children & Creativity

  • A place to be creative.
  • A place to come up with new ideas.
  • A place to showcase children’s artwork.
  • The colors white, grey, and pastels.

Love & Marriage

  • A place to honor your love for your partner.
  • Have items in equals pairs here.
  • The colors pink, peach, and rose.

Fame & Reputation

  • A place to honor yourself, a reflection of who you want to be.
  • Expressive paintings, and artwork.
  • The colors red, purple, fuschia, orange… anything fiery.

Wealth & Prosperity

  • A place to store your precious valuables.
  • A place to really make yourself feel luxurious and abundant. 
  • The colors purple, gold, royal blue.

Health & Family

  • A place to honor your personal health, with healthy plants, or your favorite picture of what your health goal is.
  • A place to have family heirlooms, or family photographs.
  • The colors blue and green.  

Center or Earth

  • A place to find grounding.
  • Keep clear of all clutter this should be an organized area.
  • Start here when you begin to make changes, and everything else will start to fall into place.  
  • The colors of earth, browns, terracotta, and clay.

Once you open the door to Feng Shui practices the more of an energetic shift you will feel in your space.  The areas in your space reflect exactly who you are right now.  If you feel like you can’t get ahead in your career and your bank account is always low, look at those areas on the map and see if you can make changes.  Maybe the cat litter box is in your wealth and prosperity corner, and your laundry you need to fold always ends up in a pile in your career area.  These may seem silly, but energy will pool whether good or bad and will be a direct reflection onto your everyday life.  The best part about Feng Shui is you can make subtle changes and feel the difference instantly.  And over time see the changes in your life. The Bagua map is the key to change.

Rachael Vallerga

Rachael Vallerga

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