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Set your intention. Let the love flow with our Love Potion. Relax with our Calming Potion. Get back to 100 with our Rejuvenation Potion. Go all in with a Detoxification Potion. Add a magical wonder vial to your next bath!

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Calming: A blissful bath potion made with intentionally infused rose quartz and amethyst crystal. A relaxing mixture of lavender, hydrating oils, and four kinds of muscle relaxing detoxifying salts. This bath ritual will help bring stillness within, since of calming, and a loving feeling.

Love: A truly lovely bath potion. Enhanced with rose petals and intentionally infused rose quartz crystal. The romantic smell of rose and sensual oils, adds such luxury to a bath. A bath that will help bring self love, and hopefully a happy ending.

Rejuvenation: A bath potion to bring out your full potential. Use to start your day or rejuvenate your day with the fresh invigorating lemon infused salt. The potion has been charged in a beautiful summer full moon. Infused with loving rose quartz crystal and hydrating oils.

Detoxification: A unique bath potion to draw out the toxins. The salt crystals have been charged under a new moon to help you start with anew. The use of five different salts with their muscle relaxing and detoxifying benefits. Magical benefits of shungite powder and the scent of palo santo draw out the negative energy. *if you aren’t ready for a black bath you may not be ready for a detoxification.

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Love Potion, Detoxification Potion, Calming Potion, Rejuvenation Potion


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